How to understand what salary you deserve

To be honest, the majority of the working population at work values ​​the salary. It’s really nice to love what you do, and it’s incredibly cool when you get paid for it.

We will tell you how to check if your current salary meets the qualifications, and how to determine the required salary when looking for a new job.

How to figure out what a fair salary should be

  1. Talk to other experts in your field . Do you already know someone in the same or close to your position? Ask the person how much she gets. Torture is not necessary, if a colleague does not want to indicate the exact amount, ask approximately. And you can also raise the issue of salaries in a professional forum. When talking to people in your sector or the world of work, you may find that you can get a lot of advice with just one phone call or a short message.
  2. If you are reading this article because you are now looking for a job and do not know what the desired salary to indicate in your resume, you can ask for advice from a recruiting consultant you know. As consultants interact with employers and candidates on a daily basis, they can provide you with detailed and accurate information on what you can hope for based on your skills, experience and qualifications.
  3. Consider additional financial benefits in your job or job you want to apply for . For example, formal employment, when you not only get paid, but also make pension contributions for the future; travel and business trips at the expense of the employer; medical insurance; partial or full reimbursement of expenses for training, professional development and sports. Some of the perks may not be obvious when you are looking for jobs. Therefore, if you nevertheless decide to respond when they call in response to your resume, ask the recruiting manager to clarify not only the salary, but also the benefits that the potential employer offers.

The salary is unsatisfactory, and you are not going to change jobs: what to do

People change jobs not only because of their salary, but also when they want to increase the level of responsibility, more flexibility, a global goal or other corporate culture. However, what to do if all this suits you, but the salary is not and at the same time you don’t want to leave the company?

Don’t worry, this is fixable. You don’t always have to change jobs to get a higher salary. If you like the current one, make an appointment with your manager to discuss a potential pay increase.

And when everything has already been decided and you started looking for a new job – do not be intimidated by this process, because there are so many prospects ahead, including salary ones.

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