I’m a veteran: how to talk about it on your resume

Many veterans hesitate to include military experience on their resume. And if so, how to arrange it correctly?

Today there are two main questions from veterans:

  1. Do I need to write a resume and what should I include in it?
  2. How to describe your military experience and is it worth reporting at all?

To address these issues, we have started to create a dictionary that translates civil service activities. Because work is work, wherever you are – at an enterprise, in a government agency or in a military unit.

What is a resume and why you need to create one

A resume is a document that describes what a candidate can do and what kind of experience they have. According to it, the recruiter makes an initial assessment of the future employee. The purpose of the resume is to invite you to a personal meeting.

An incorrectly composed resume is an automatic loss of the chance to get an interview, because a recruiter spends 10-12 seconds looking at it and immediately decides to invite a person for an interview.

There are standard things that need to be indicated in the resume: places of work, education, contacts. Just like work experience, veterans have to describe the time spent on duty. So that a white spot does not appear in the experience in a year or more.

We usually advise our clients the following:

  • write about time in service and military experience ;
  • translate this experience into a language the recruiter understands ;
  • describe the skills learned during the service .

How to summarize the benefits of your military experience

Our consultants have found that while serving in combat, people often discover and develop managerial skills, analytical skills, and the ability to make quick decisions under stressful conditions. Each position in the security forces implies specific responsibilities and duties.

Take the position of the commander of a mechanized squad as an example. Not every recruiter will immediately understand what such a position means. But it can be briefly and clearly described in the resume.

The commander of a motorized rifle squad is, in fact, a manager. He is responsible for the work of the team. Army language – personnel. The squad leader has 9 people under his command. It’s like running a department in a bank. In addition to completing tasks, you must be responsible for the physical safety of the team in an environment of constant danger.

In the responsibility of the commander: maintaining the technical condition of infantry vehicles, surveillance equipment and bearing material responsibility for all this. Such equipment and devices must be ready for use 24/7. The effectiveness of operations depends on its readiness, and the preservation of lives, resources and infrastructure depends on the effectiveness of military operations.

In the mechanized squad, the commander is responsible for maintaining reports, fire cards, operational documentation, waybills. That is, the skill of discipline in document management can be well developed.

The squad leader is responsible for the psychological state of his team, its training and education. In business, this responsibility falls on the HR department.

Military service makes it possible to pump a lot of skills. Following this example, you can take any military position and highlight the main responsibilities and skills, describe them in your resume . And then it will be easier for the recruiter to understand whether you can hold, for example, a leadership position.

Additional advice

It is also important not to forget about the letter of motivation. In it, you can express your interest in the position and what you can give the employer with your experience and skills in a broader and emotional way.

Military experience is not an obstacle to finding a job, on the contrary, it can become your advantage. Include it on your resume, choose the right industry and tactics in the search process – this increases the chances of getting a job.

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