Sammari – what kind of animal is this and how will help to find a job

Let’s talk about what a summari is and how it can make your job search much more effective.

Briefly about summari

The word “summari” itself came to us from the English language – summary means a summary, brief information or resume (but not in the sense of a resume for employment, but the summary of what was said). In the field of employment, this word refers to a short summary about an applicant, which conveys the most important information about him to a recruiter, makes a recruiter pay attention to a certain candidate and understand who is in front of him from the first reading.

Sammari can be compared to short information about you on social media or a dating app. This text should be informative, original and memorable.

Sammari can look like a 1-2 paragraph story about yourself or a list of your attractive qualities and main achievements, with vivid examples that will best represent you. And in summari, it is better to write not about what you want to achieve in the proposed position, but about how you are ready to help the company (only unobtrusively).

For clarity, consider an example of a summari:

I always go forward: I have been working at the forefront of sales for 5 years, 3 of which became the Sales Manager of the Year. I am able and ready to work with key clients. The ex-chief praised my organizational skills: “You would have figured out the logistics of the expedition to Mars in no time.” Innovator: I will be glad to help with the automation of processes to sell faster and process orders even better.

Where can you use summari

  1. In summary instead of goal. Putting a purpose on a resume is an outdated technique. For a long time, among the recommendations for writing a resume, there was an item “Erase the target”. Now we know what can be added instead of the goal – a sammari. Thanks to this small block, the recruiter will be able to get acquainted with you in absentia without looking through all the resume, and at the same time, the summari, as it were, will invite him to familiarize himself with everything that you wrote about yourself further. It’s like a good prologue to a book that intrigues and makes you read on.
  2. In a cover letter. We have already discussed that it is better to apply for a job with a cover letter. And, in fact, an interesting cover letter is, if not completely, then at least partially a summari. The function is the same – to get the HR person interested in reading your resume.
  3. During the interview – in response to a request to tell about yourself . Of course, memorizing your summari is not worth it. But already drawing it up will help you not to get confused during the interview, make your introduction short and catchy, add some interesting facts to your story.

And now, the overseas beast of the Sammari is no longer so scary. Sitting down to write?

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